Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon
Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon

Dr Helene Drouin - an engaged speaker and adventurer

A Consultant Anesthesiologist and Alpinist
Interne en anesthésie-réanimation

I am Helene Drouin, a Consultant Anesthesiologist and Intensivist and bi-native English and French. I provide corporate seminars focusing on self-determination, teamwork, and risk management amidst uncertainty.

My daily experiences at the hospital serve as poignant reminders of both the fragility of the human body and my own mortality.

Driven by a passion for life and adventure, I seek out challenges that give purpose to my life.

In 2021, I became the youngest Frenchwoman to summit Everest on May 11th. Leveraging national media coverage, I led an awareness and fundraising campaign for Hepatitis B (HBV).

I remain dedicated to advancing HBV medical research in collaboration with Professor Fabien Zoulim, a worldwide recognized expert in the field. Professor Zoulim is a primary founder of the new Institute of Hepatology in Lyon, France, and I am honored to be its Ambassador.

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Denis Lafay, Journalist at "La Tribune

« Helene radiates energy, determination, strong beliefs and a contagious altruism “

Find out more about me, my public-speaking and my commitment in supporting HBV medical research.