Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon
Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon
Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon

My adventures in France and in the world

A passion for new experiences

« Make life a dream, and a dream a reality ».
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As a child, sports have always been crucial for maintaining balance in my life. Even during my time in Medical School, I continuously sought out increasingly challenging athletic pursuits, such as marathons, cross-country skiing races, alpinism, and triathlons, including the Iron Man in Nice. My exhilarating three-week expedition in Kyrgyzstan to conquer the 7130m Lenin Peak without oxygen solidified my passion for high altitudes, leading me to set my sights on Mount Everest.

On May 11th, 2021, I achieved my goal, reaching the summit of Mt. Everest and becoming the youngest Frenchwoman to do so—a truly unforgettable experience.

Since then, I’ve ventured into new sporting realms. In November 2021, I took to the seas for the first time, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. And in May 2023, I traversed the Pacific Ocean aboard the French Navy’s helicopter carrier Dixmude.

Mount Everest: The Preparation

My project started in June 2020. I’m not a professional athlete, so I asked top athletes from French National teams their advice and preparation techniques. My interviews with them are visible on my Youtube channel.

A third of the budget was supported by sponsors, while I supplemented the remaining funds by working as a Locum Doctor in A&E at the NHS in the UK.

All that remained was to sort out the equipment and undergo physical preparation in alpinism, along with mental conditioning under the guidance of a coach

Mount Everest: The Ascent

On April 5th 2021, I flew to Nepal.

The expedition was led by an expert team of Sherpa guides of the “Ascent Himalaya” agency. Mingmar Sherpa, the team leader, has climbed Mount Everest 20 times and was being filmed for a romanced biography about his life called “Everest Dark” .

On May 11th 2021 at 10am, I reached the summit at 8849m high with the whole team and became the youngest Frenchwoman Everest summiter.

I felt so energized by the majesty of the view, and so humbled by the immensity of nature. I still had two days to climb down the mountain in the Death Zone…

Hélène Drouin, ascension de l'Everest
List of sport challenges
Before 2013
Grand Paradis (4060m), glaciers in Vanoise, France
Mount Blanc (4800m, France)
Transjurassienne (cross-country skiing), Paris Marathon
Transvercors (cross-country skiing)
Half Iron Man (Luxembourg), Mont Rose (Switzerland), Florence Marathon
Lenin Peak (7130m without oxygen, Kyrgyzstan)
Transvercors (cross-country skiing), Half Iron Man (Dijon) Iron Man of Nice (France)
Everest (8849m)
Trail Verbier-Saint Bernard

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