Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon
Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon
Hélène Drouin, interne en chirurgi à Lyon

Helene Drouin: my commitment in supporting medical research

Against liver cancer: Hepatitis B research
Mon engagement à Lyon

I collaborate along side Professor Fabien Zoulim, a worldwide renowned specialist of Hepatitis B and director of a research team INSERM in Lyon. On my return from Everest, I led an awareness campaign with the press and raised 13,000€ for his research unit.

Hepatitis B is the first cause of liver cancer worldwide and is responsible for 900,000 deaths each year. Despite an efficient vaccine, there are still over 250 million chronic carriers of the virus. Research in this area is essential to continue to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Professor Zoulim is one of the founders of the new Institute of Hepatology of Lyon, for which I have been nominated Ambassador.

I have been nominated Ambassador of the new Institute of Hepatology of Lyon .

Institut d'hépatologie de Lyon

Professor Fabien Zoulim: a renowned HBV expert

Since 2020, Prof. Zoulim is Chair of the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV, ICE-HBV, an organization which is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).
He has just founded the new Institute of Hepatology of Lyon in France, first and unique hospital specialized in liver diseases.
Prof. Zoulim is Professor of Medicine at Lyon University, France, Head of the Hepatology Department , Head of the Viral Hepatitis research laboratory at INSERM U1052 and Head of the ANRS “HBV Cure” Task Force in France.
Our project is supported by research institutions: ANRS INSERM ICE-HBV

Key Figures
  • Liver cancer: 3rd deadliest cancer in the world
  • Main causes of livre cancer: Hepatitis B and C, alcoholism
  • Hepatitis B: 250 million chronically infected patients in the world
  • Hepatitis B provokes 900 000 deaths each year

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